Our Staff

  • Michael Seltzer
    Michael Seltzer

    Michael Seltzer has served as the Director of the New York Community Trust Leadership Fellows since its inception in 2015. In that capacity, he is responsible for identification and recruitment of faculty, Leadership Conversation speakers and mentors. In addition, he does outreach to potential recruitment partners, such as Black Agency Executives, Nonprofit New York, and the Asian-American Federation. He also oversees the management of the entire operations of the Fellowship, and serves as the primary contact for our more than 380 alumni.

    In his role as a distinguished lecturer at the Baruch College Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, City University of New York, he teaches a variety of graduate courses related to leadership, philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, race policy, cross-sector collaborations and resource mobilization. As part of his service to the College and the University, he serves as a member of the CUNY University-wide Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

    He is a past chair of the board of directors of the Gbowee Peace Africa Foundation-USA, and an international advisor to the Gbowee Peace Africa Foundation, based in Monrovia, Liberia; a member of the executive committee of the Life After the Foundation Society, and chair of its flagship New York City chapter. His articles have appeared in the blogs of the Council on Foundations, Philanthropy New York, Inside Philanthropy, United Philanthropy Forum, HistPhil, PhilanTopic, Candid, the National Committee for Responsible Philanthropy, and the Huffington Post.

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis

    Brian Lewis is the Deputy Director of Leadership Fellows New York and a passionate critical pedagogue and systems-change leader with more than 10 years of experience pushing the envelope and re-imagining possibilities for marginalized and under-resourced youth. He is committed to supporting the transformation and empowerment of individuals and communities oppressed by social structures that impose hierarchy, punishment, and social control. His work in this capacity has included organizing numerous conferences and symposiums focused on the topics of race, class, gender and the “isms”, designing and teaching a menu of unique courses related to mass incarceration and education reform, as well as piloting new projects and programs that serve disenfranchised youth and communities.

  • Shel Ho
    Shel Ho

    Shel Ho is the Communications Director of Leadership Fellows New York and a perennial problem-solver. Shel handles internal and external communications surrounding finance, curriculum, and special events, manages website updates, and is responsible for organizing and accessing fellowship knowledge. Shel received a BA in journalism and creative writing from Baruch College, was awarded the full-tuition Harnisch Foundation Journalism Scholarship, became a two-time winner of the Sidney Harman Poetry Writing Contest, and received the Arnold Picker Excellence Award in Journalism.