Student Standouts

Meet Jacob Myers

Class: Spring 2019 

Major:  Exercise Science 

Hometown: Westminster, Maryland

Fun Fact: "I have regretfully never tasted Chick-fil-a due to peanut allergy."

Jacob Myers is a senior Exercise Science Major and Captain of the Men's
Soccer Team set to graduate Spring 2019. This season, he led his team to
Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament, the greatest soccer season in EU

How did it feel making it to the NCAA tournament Sweet Sixteen and having the greatest soccer season in Eastern school history?

It’s a great feeling- to see the end result of years of hard work pay off and know that we did something special that had not been accomplished in the 60 year history of the program. It is neat to see how proud the alumni are of our team, whether recent teammates or people we have never met. We all share that pride now. I loved spending those last few weekends with teammates traveling to hotels and competing against the best teams in the country in a cool atmosphere.

What did you learn about your leadership skills this year as team captain? Did you take a different approach than previous years? What did you glean from the LFP that helped you as a servant leader?

As a senior, I had added responsibility and was able to learn a lot as the primary leader of our team. It is important to set a standard for the new guys to understand expectations and get them on board. We always talk about the importance of getting the entire team to feel the senior’s urgency, since it is their last year, and play with that mentality. I think they respected my work ethic and attitude on the field and aimed to exemplify that. We also did a good job overcoming failure. After losing two of our first few games, we were able to reflect and respond by going unbeaten for 19 games. I definitely benefited from my LFP experiences, as servant leadership is important in sports. Taking the time as a senior to help set up or take down practice equipment, eat lunch with or tutor a freshman, and really invest in those guys. It can be easy to shove those responsibilities off on the younger guys, but I think our team is different in that aspect and it goes a long way in building relationships. The underclassmen will be leaders of the program one day, so in order to make sure that they are good ones, the seniors must do a good job of showing them what that looks like.

Other than going to the NCAA tournament what accomplishment are you most proud of?

This season I was named an All-American and the Defensive Player of the Year for our conference. I was also named an Academic All-American for my performance on the field and in the classroom, as the first ever Eastern Men’s Soccer player to receive this award.

Besides being Captain of the Men's Soccer Team, how have you been involved on-campus?

I have served as a volunteer on campus; whether for Planned Operations, an LFP event, or within the athletics department. It is important to show your support for those organizations that do so much for you.

After graduation will you continue to play soccer or be connected to the sport?

Absolutely. There are semi-pro opportunities near home over the summer and also indoor leagues during the winter. I will certainly stay connected, continue to play with friends, and possibly coach later down the road.

What are your plans post-graduation?

I will be attending Physical Therapy school next fall.