Student Standouts

Meet Shannon Farmer

Shannon Farmer, a senior member of LFP, recently held a campus wide event promoting Creation Care. The ambitious young woman collaborated with National Organizer and Spokesperson of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA), Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, to share current issues and encourage conversation about Creation Care.

“I started organizing for this event back in late October/ early November, so to see it come to a conclusion (and a very satisfying one at that) was super relieving and encouraging! I met with Jo Mo originally for just the chapel part, but he ended up helping me organize a lot of the times and events. Originally we were going to do a three day thing, but it ended up just being a majority event on Wednesday. Eventually, we coordinated with a lot of faculty at Eastern to see who would be interested in doing a Climate change panel that night. PBS contacted Kyle about filming something with Climate Action in a Christian environment and he contacted me about it, so we planned for them to film at chapel and then drop in at the session, where students and faculty could come to talk to him about Creation Care, Climate change, and how it relates to our faith.”

“My biggest goal for this event was to have a big push for more conversation about Creation Care and Climate change at Eastern. I've been working on that little by little this year, to make it easier on whoever follows my work after I graduate and hopefully to sow some seeds in people's minds. I am a leadership fellow for the organization Kyle represents, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. So I've been doing a lot of organizing this year for us to talk about more events through a documentary event (Before the Flood), going to the first presidential debate at Hofstra U, having different career talks with people in different fields for the Environmental Science club, fundraising, organizing for the Creation Care Chapel and Climate March. (I'm pretty sure I missed a few things, but those were the major things that stuck out in my mind--it's been a long year). Most of my events were leading up to an event such as the Creation Care Chapel. I had asked Kyle if he was willing to come up and speak about Creation Care, and he was completely on board ( I was really blessed to have a lot of support from EU faculty, staff, and YECA steering committee members). I'm hoping that by having that chapel people are more open to talking or at least thinking about these issues and how they relate to our faith, and take action steps that hopefully God places on their hearts.”

Click HERE to hear a recent PBS feature on YECA and the Creation Care movement some of which was filmed at Eastern University during a recent Creation Care event through the partnership of the EU environmental club (which Shannon leads).

Meet Nicole Weenink

First-year LFP Member Claims MAC Rookie of the Year and 2nd Team All-Conference

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA

Intended major: Biochemistry

Fun Fact: I have dual citizenship with the United States and the Netherlands 

Why did I choose eastern?

I wanted a school where I could make the choice to grow in my faith and make friends who had similar morals as I do. I love how pretty the campus is and the location is great too. Being able to play soccer and track were an added bonus. 

5-10 words about being an athlete 

Forever family pushing me to be the best I can

Next season: 

Building on this season and pushing the team to do their best. Making it a goal to make MAC championships and have the highest team GPA on campus.






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