Special Exception for Application to LFP

This page is specifically for prospective student who did not meet the initial application qualifications for the Leadership Fellows Program OR a current LFP student or incoming transfer that is interested in LFP.

Despite the competitive and selective nature of this program I have at times considered students that did not fit the normal application standards for this 4-year cohort and scholarship program. Though this is rare and on a case-by-case basis I wanted to open up an opportunity for you to write to me and tell me "why" you believe you are a good fit for the program. If you would like to be considered for an invitation to join this program please complete the following essay question and submit it to   

You should write: Special Exception in the subject line

To the best of your ability please respond to the following questions:


1. "What makes you a unique candidate for this program and why do you believe it will be helpful for your leadership development and spiritual growth?"

You will be notified in 15 business days or less if you were chosen to be given an opportunity to apply through the regular application process (remember this is an entirely different and very selective process).

Thank you for your interest,

Dr. Stutzman