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Live2Lead Conference

( (L-R) Row 2: Marc Hershey, Jake DiLaura, Rachael Graham, Ian Roth, Jesse King, Lyle Schlegel, Jeffrey Williams Row 1: Lenise Morales, Kyra Gonzalez)

On October 27, nine of our students represented the Leadership Fellows Program at the Live2Lead conference simulcast in Kenneth Square. The conference was hosted live in Atlanta, Georgia but was broadcasted to a select audience in over 300 locations around the world. This annual leadership event featured four world-class speakers, including Dr. John C. Maxwell, who was named number #1 leadership expert by the AMA and Inc. Magazine. The event allowed students to engage with other people in the community, including Eastern Alumni, who sought out how to incorporate servant leadership into their businesses and non-profit organizations.

Student Board member, Kyra Gonzalez, expressed that this conference helped better her perceptive on servant leadership. She had a good foundation from her leadership roles and classes, but hearing from professions with lifelong experience was a huge advantage. Kyra felt better equipped to live out servant leadership daily because of the applicable tools that Live2Lead provided.

Not only did the attendees gain leadership principles and techniques, but they were left with inspiring testimonies that provided them with a new perspective on servant leadership. Kyra Gonzalez recalled, “one moment that stood out to me was a beautiful testimony of forgiveness and a story of redemption. One of NFL legends, Warrick Dunn, started a non-profit that gives homes to single mothers that can’t support their family. He turned a tragedy that almost broke him into an opportunity to serve others.”

First-year member, Jake DiLaura, conveyed that the conference taught them how to lead and what leadership really looks like at its core it. He believes that “leadership isn't necessarily something you're born into but rather its what you choose to do; its something that you actively work towards.” This LFP freshman stated that the quote that resonated with him the most after leaving the Live2Lead conference was that, “Leaders see more in people and they see it before anyone else.”

Don’t miss out on your next chance to grow as a leader! Our nine representatives highly recommended others to take the opportunity to take part in Live2Lead next year; there’s so much to take away from the experience.



President of Kingdom Chamber of Commerce visits LFP

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 Hailey Pipersburgh '18 (left-center) & LFP Forum Speaker Angela Pipersburgh (right-center)


On Monday, November 14th, over 50 LFP students had the unique opportunity to hear from Angela Pipersburgh, President of Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, an organization committed to integrating business and faith. Ms. Pipersburgh defined business for students, and explained how this is essentially finding and solving a human problem. She discussed the idea of transformational leadership, and encouraged students to revive their passion for living, pursue their dreams, discover their vision, and thus find their lives. Her passion and dedication to leadership developments was evident, and she grounded her words in Biblical teaching. She shared Scriptural wisdom from Ecclesiastes 9:10, Proverbs 29:18, Proverbs 18:16, and 2 Timothy 1:6-7, and many other verse. She explained that whatever was in the students was God breathed, and that trust is the currency of leadership. She encouraged them to never pursue a decision based on money, but on purpose, and that the only thing that will every satisfy them is to live out a dream.

Ms. Pipersburgh's words that leadership is not finding something to live for but something to die for, and her admonition to consider what fruit they are serving humanity, certainly impacted the fifty students in the room. She ended her time with the students by expressing that the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose, and that students do not have time to waste. LFP was grateful for Ms. Pipersburgh sharing her vision, passion, and wisdom with the students. The encouragement and impact she left will likely continue to resonate with many as they journey forward on the path of leadership development.