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The Dust Dances Too: LFP Forum with Filmmaker Jonathan Stutzman

Jonathan Stutzman, an acclaimed filmmaker and children’s book author, spoke at the third and final LFP Forum on December 5, 2017. He presented to the the 32 students in attendance the notion that everyone has the potential to be creative and the distinct reasons as to why he thinks that it is important to create. Stutzman shared stories from his childhood and adolescence when he developed a passion for writing children’s books, poetry, and film. He went on to study film at Messiah and earn his MFA at Temple University in an effort to pursue his dreams of becoming a director, filmmaker, and screenwriter. 

Through Stutzman’s studies and work in film, he realized that he wanted to start using film to tell more personal stories. He began focusing on the struggle with insecurity that so many people face, often centering his films on topics like body image and pressures from the media to be perfect. He said that through these films, he was able to connect with people because everyone has experienced brokenness, and everyone can relate to and understand what that feels like.

Stutzman ended his discussion on an image of a child mimicking his father. He related this to our relationship with God; we are children looking upon our Father and trying to be like Him. One of the ways that we can show God how much we love Him is by trying to be like Him. In an attempt to mimic God as our Creator, we have the ability to create as well. Creativity is also an opportunity to bring wholeness and hope to brokenness, pain, and suffering. These are the reasons why Stutzman lives his life as a creator and encouraged us that we could all do the same.

Jonathan Stutzman's short film "Thornbird" has won numerous awards at film festivals internationally.  His first book was published while collaborating with actor Joseph Gordon Levitt on the Tiny Book of Little Stories (Volumes 1,2,3).  Stutzman (#thedustdancestoo) has recently  signed four major children's book deals (see below) and is anxiously awaiting there printing.


Special thanks to Molly Kulp '18 for reporting on this event

EU Alum and Sports and Culture Personalty "Scoop B" Visits with LFP

(Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson)

On Monday, November 13th, many of the students in the Leadership Fellows Program gathered to hear from Brandon Robinson, more commonly known as Scoop B, a talented journalist and media host.  Scoop (otherwise known as Brandon Robinson) received his bachelor's in communication here at Eastern University and received his masters at Hofstra University in Journalism.  During the forum he shared a lot of wisdom with students about the importance of connections and caring for the relationships that God has placed in our lives.  Scoop emphasized, “people will never remember what you told them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”   Developing relationships was the largest piece of advice that he had for the group.  Networking with people has been a large contributor to his success as a sports journalist and media personality and he emphasized the importance of starting now in your current field.

Scoop reminisced with us about the run-ins and interviews he has had from artist Rhianna to politician Ben Carson to Coach Lou Holtz to LeVar Ball to ABC Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary.  Since the beginning of his journalism career at the early age of 12, while hosting the Nets Slammin' Planet, Scoop has said he is comfortable talking and being with celebrities.

Encouragement was also a theme that ran throughout his talk.  He spoke about many of his own failures, but despite the many hardships he faced, he acknowledged that the process was worth it.  He explained that many times “a minor setback will set the stage for a major comeback.”  He noted that we should never overlook the importance of enduring hardship because of the payoff at the end.  His presence definitely left an impact on me and many others.  He is an inspiring figure who encourages people to genuinely care about the relationships and potential relationships that life presents.

Special thanks to Danielle Large LFP '20 for reporting on this event

Pictured above: Scoop B speaking at the LFP Fall 2017 Forum Series

Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson is a sports and entertainment writer and personality. He is currently a managing editor and columnist at RESPECT Magazine. A 20 year vet, he began his journalism career at 12-years old hosting Nets Slammin' Planet, the Nets' kids radio show with WFAN's Evan Roberts and Nets legend Albert King.  He's profiled anyone from DJ Khaled, Dr. Ben Carson, Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James, ABC Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary and Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell. With stops as a writer at CBS and The Source Magazine, Brandon is an alum of Don Bosco Prep, holds a BA in communication from Eastern University and MA in journalism from Hofstra University. You can catch him daily on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. Subscribe to Scoop B Radio on itunes, Google Play, the Tune In App, Stitcher App or simply visit ScoopBRadio.com

Follow him on Twitter: @ScoopB and Instagram and Snapchat at: Scoop_B and visit ScoopB.com.