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Observations on the Nature of Leadership by Dr. John Pauley

(Dr. John Pauley, Speaker Vice Provost and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences)

Last Monday, March 12, a myriad of current LFP students gathered for a forum titled "Observations on the Nature of Leadership" led by Dr. John Pauley II. He earned a Ph.D. in Communication studies and has served the Eastern community for quite some time. As Vice Provost for academic operations and a communication scholar, Dr. Pauley has made connections between effective communication and effective leadership. He has been in leadership positions for as long as he can remember and used that experience to relate to his expansive knowledge of communication. Dr. Pauley led the forum by asking what is essential to leadership. After reading the novel The Spellbinders: Charismatic Political Leadership by Ann Ruth Wilman in graduate school, he realized the significance of relationship in leadership. He led with examples about communication and how certain scenarios demonstrate leadership. He also demonstrated how public speaking tactics can be used to think about effective leadership. In the end, he spoke on how we communicate, in both speaking and listening, can either advance ourselves or damage ourselves which ties into our leadership greatly.

 Special thanks to Alicia Michaels '20 for reporting on this event