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Brenda Zeck ('19) competes in Miss New Jersey

Our very own Brenda Zeck ('19) competed in the Miss New Jersey pageant as Miss Salem County.  Brenda was crowned Miss Salem County in October 2015 and received a scholarship among other prizes.  She went on to compete in Miss New Jersey this month.  We are proud of Brenda for following a dream and representing Eastern's Leadership Fellows Program so well! To read more from Brenda, click here.


Words from Steve Koffel (LFP program graduate '15)

I’ve noticed that we’re so often tempted to think of leadership strictly as a position and as a place of power. As Christians who are called as leaders, we should understand that leadership is so much more. You must remember that you are called to a different standard than that of the world. This is the best news you’ll hear all day, because it means the “pressure” is off. You don’t have to be the most charismatic person or the most outspoken activist. You simply need to lead with integrity. Have the courage to be truthful at all times and in doing so earn the trust of those who follow you. Be disciplined and patient, and seek to embody the wisdom that you have learned. Grow in humility and invest in others, encouraging them and showing them their worth, value, and dignity that lie within each one of us. Seek ways to serve others, and do so boldly, just as Christ Himself took the nature of a servant, giving up His life for our eternal salvation. These are the things that characterize true leaders. I know you all will go on to do great things. If God is for you, and is with you, how could if not be so? My prayer for the students of LFP, the program that I love so much, is for you all to seek justice, love, mercy, and walk humbly with God. To aspire to Leadership is indeed an honorable ambition, and one that you all have already taken big steps toward. You are teachers, leaders, and those who inspire. Go now, and make disciples of all nations!

Steve Koffel is an alumni of Eastern’s class of 2015 and one of LFP’s own great leaders. One of Steve's great accomplishments during his time at Eastern is his captivating research paper  published in the Lambda Pi Eta Undergraduate Journal presented at the Eastern Communication Undergraduate Scholars Conference in Philadelphia which analyzed Green Day's album, American Idiot. Steve expresses great thanks for Eastern Communication Studies, especially Dr. John Hatch for continually encouraging and stretching him to reach his full potential. Steve is currently working at the Phil-Mont Christian Academy as an Enrollment Strategist. 

Read more about Steve here: Eastern, The Magazine of Eastern University Fall/Winter 2015 (p.13)