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Our New Chair: Taylor Smucker

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Taylor is a current business student pursuing a degree in Accounting/Finance as well as Entrepreneurial Studies. She is a proud member of Eastern’s Women Cross Country team, Enactus, and Student Government.  Most importantly, Taylor is passionate about people and relationships. She strives to live in such a way that uses her gifts of leadership, intelligence, and discipline to be a fierce woman of God who radiates love and walks with boldness.

Taylor originally heard about the Leadership Fellows Program at an Eastern open house.  After talking to the director, Dr. Nate Stutzman, she realized the program would encourage her to reach her full potential and grow in the leadership skills already developing.  Taylor participated in high school as the captain of her field hockey team, leader of a small group at church, and involved in the Master class for violin. 

Taylor loves watching as those in LFP better understand themselves and begin to express their unique leadership styles and passions across Eastern's campus.  She has watched her peers develop and has grown to love them like family. 

Taylor is thrilled to serve as chair as she helps maintain the vision of the program. While serving as the chair, Taylor desires to bring the cohorts together while providing even more opportunities to build meaningful community and serve both the campus and the community at large. 

Taylor aims to set an example of Christ-like actions and form meaningful relationships among her peers. Ultimately, she hopes to encourage other student leaders to welcome an attitude of service in their day-to-day lives. She is excited to meet cohort 2020 and welcome them into the LFP family. 

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A Taste of the English Life

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Temitope Oladeji’s interest in the study abroad program sparked from his passion for learning about different countries and experiencing various cultures. He found his calling in the ancient, rainy Oxford, England. Because Temitope is a rising English major, he felt as though London was the perfect for him; “it’s only fitting to receive an education where education began. It’s a place where you can experience culture, education, and art all in one.” He feels as though his time in Oxford has prepared him to reach his future aspirations as a novelist, particularly, in the field of Christian biographies.

Temitope did face some challenges while overseas, such as adjusting to the time difference, dark skies, and cold weather but he found that by surrounding himself with good people these were easily overcome. He still is close with the friends that he made at Oxford and continues to keep in contact with them. Studying abroad gave him many unique opportunities; Temitope was able to attend the Oxford Review, similarly structured to Windows of the World, in which he was able to hear famous speakers from around the world. He also didn’t hesitate to jump into their computer programing club, as well as the rowing team. Ironically, he even brought back with him a brief English accent.

Overall, Temitope’s experience studying aboard left him wanting more. He would go back in a heartbeat to learn more, especially from those who are the top of their field. He came back to Eastern with a developed sense of overachievement, Oxford taught him how to “take responsibility for his own education.” Temitope learned crucial life skill such as managing time and budget, as well as embracing, not only the English life, but his own American culture, which can be done by mixing your clothing styles.  Most importantly, he “learned that if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything, with hard work and faith in God.” This world traveler encourages everyone to study abroad because you can truly become an individual, without sacrificing knowledge. And for those of you do plan on studying abroad, “tell them where you’re from, embrace your culture.”

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