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LFP Senior takes home top prize at EU's Shark Tank

Jenna Evangelista '16 wins the 2016 EU Enactus Shark Tank!  

Jenna's received the $1000.00 prize toward her new running and fitness program and business model and notes that “Running is a journey, it’s not something that you can wake up and just run ten miles, it takes a lot of practice and sticking with it even on the hard days, what you put into it will let you see the results you want out of it.”

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Senior Spotlight: Nick Trombley

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LFP senior Nick Trombley has been very involved throughout his years at Eastern. He has been a valuable asset to the Varsity Cross Country team for four years and has held the title of captain for both his junior and senior year. Nick earned his place on the Academic All-MAC Team, all while maintaining an outstanding GPA. He serves as an active leader of YACHT, a campus club that reaches out to the homeless weekly, and is also a member of the International Honor Society in Business, Delta Mu Delta. He was honored with the Barnabas Servant Leadership Award during Fall Convocation for demonstrating outstanding leadership on campus as well as in the community. In addition, Nick has served on the LFP board. 

Nick is close to finishing his fourth year at Eastern University but his future is only just beginning. In May, he will receive his bachelors in both Economic Development and Accounting. He aspires to break the cycle of poverty by living amongst the poor in the city of Rochester, NY.  Nick believes that this  “change doesn't simply occur from the top down, but is transfigured amongst the community."
In the meantime, he plans on furthering his education at graduate school to become a Certified Public Accountant. Nick is grateful for his economic reasoning class for further shaping him as an individual and inspiring his future plans. Some of his fondest memories were created during these class discussion in one of Wayne’s beloved coffee shop, The Gryphon. His professors taught him what it “really meant to work in the field like Jesus, not like everyone else.

Nick advises his fellow students to take the time to continue to go to chapel and Windows of the World.  He encourages others to encounter those who are materially poor once a week. Most importantly, Nick hopes that students find something that they are passionate about and to start now, simply because we can.

Thank you Nick for sharing some of your wisdom and we continue to encourage your incredible leadership. We wish you the best of luck with your future!

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