About Us

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many".

Matthew 20:28

 LFP Fellows Program

The Leadership Fellows program is for selected students with demonstrated leadership ability and is designed to advance and support students’ understanding and demonstration of servant leadership within the Eastern community and the global community at large. The program aims to prepare students for purposeful cultural integration as productive innovators and leaders; encouraging them to addresses current societal problems through thoughtful faith-based service and influence the world through a commitment to Christian leadership and behavioral integrity.

Leadership Grant

Leadership grant is a $1,000 a year grant given by the Leadership Fellows Program in partnership with Eastern University admissions which recognizes students for their outstanding leadership, Christian service, and scholastic achievement (minimum 3.4 GPA).  Receiving this grant also gives students an innovation to apply for the Leadership Fellows Program.

Fellows Program & Scholarship

Leadership Fellowship is an award given to first-year students based on their outstanding potential for leadership, Christian service and scholastic achievement. A comprehensive online application exists for this program. Students interested in this Fellowship will be notified by EU undergraduate admissions that they are eligible to apply.  Students who are awarded membership in the leadership program are also awarded an additional $1,000 scholarship.  This scholarship and membership are renewable dependent upon maintaining the minimum CGPA of 3.0 after the first year, 3.1 the second year, and 3.2 each succeeding year, as well as the additional scholastic and behavioral requirements within the program.

Campolo's Scholars Program & Scholarship

Students applying for the Campolo Scholars Track must first be accepted to the Leadership Fellows Program. To apply for this scholarship you must be anticipating that you will be serving in a role in full-time vocational ministry at the completion of your graduation OR plan on serving in a consistent part-time capacity.  Examples of some ministry vocations include pastors, youth workers, non-profit advocates, missionaries, Christian education and other Christian mentoring roles). Participation in this program is not guaranteed and a very limited number of students will be considered for this unique scholarship program housed under the Campolo Center of Ministry.